Spanish Supper!

Enjoy the comforts of home-cooked Spanish cuisine with our Spanish Supper weekday meal prep class! Our one-pot meal of Spanish chicken and rice is a delicious addition to your recipe repertoire. With the guidance of this online cooking class, take a gourmet spin on your weekday kitchen adventures. ¡Buen provecho!

RECIPES: (serves 2-4): 

1.  Tapas to start:  Manchego + Jamon + Warm Olives + Bread
2.  Chicken & Rice, or "Arroz con Pollo" (a traditional dish of Spain, closely related to Paella)
3.  'Quick' Romesco Sauce (Red Pepper Sauce). 

Key Ingredients: Chicken thighs, Bomba Rice, Saffron, Smoked Paprika, Red Peppers (fresh & roasted), Manchego Cheese (optional), 

Class Length (approx.): 1 hour, 15 minutes 

Just the class: (you buy the ingredients): $25

*Full Ingredient list, step-by-step cooking guide & recipe package & video download automatically send to your inbox.  

Qty available:15
Spanish Supper!