Chicken Enchiladas!  

What's for dinner tonight?!  Enchiladas!  We show you all the steps to bring together a simple, yet authentic baked pan of Chicken Enchiladas.  

Often done wrong, we teach you all of the tips and tricks for a successful pan of chicken enchiladas.   Choose to poach your chicken with us, or use leftover, cooked chicken.   We start by making a homemade creamy enchilada sauce, using dried Ancho chillies.  Substitute your favourite chilli and make it according to your spice level.  And the best part?   The recipe makes double the sauce, so you've got a head start for your next pan!    

RECIPES INCLUDE (serves 4): 

Easy Chicken Enchiladas with Ancho Rojo Sauce
Fixins’ include cheese, sour cream, lettuce, radishes & Jalapeno-Onion Salsa

COST: $30

Class Length: 90 minutes

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Corn Tortillas, Dried Ancho Chillies, Canned Tomatoes, Cream, Mozzarella Cheese

*Full Ingredient list, step-by-step cooking guide & recipe package & video download automatically send to your inbox.  

"Thank you Culinary Studio for an amazing enchilada class!! This was my first time making this dish from scratch.  The sauce turned out perfectly, and my enchiladas were not soggy!! Great to have the recorded video to follow along with.  I will DEFINITELY be making this dish again!" Jen D, Enchilada class 

"Before taking the Chicken Enchilada class, I thought making enchiladas would be too technical for a home cook like myself. I was wrong, the different components of the dish were taught in manageable parts that allowed you to tailor the level of spice. It is one of the most delicious recipes I have made and tasted!" Rachel K, Enchilada Class 

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