We are here to explain and answer all of your turkey questions! Whether you are smoking it or roasting it, brining or salting and everything in between, we have been testing A LOT of turkeys and have inside Butcher tips to get you all ready for the big day.  Spend less than an hour with us and make your best holiday bird ever!   You'll get access to pages of testing notes, side dish recipes and more!   


Fresh vs. Frozen Turkey
Dry Brine vs. Wet Brine vs. No Brine 
Roasting Turkey
Smoking Turkey
Butter Resting Turkey 
Carving Turkey 
Stuffing vs. Dressing 
Gravy Tips
Best Make ahead advise and MORE!  

Class: $20

Class Lengths: 60 minutes 

*Full turkey cooking discussion notes, recipes & video download automatically send to your inbox.  

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Turkey Workshop!