The name "tiramisu" translates to "pick me up" or "cheer me up" in Italian, possibly alluding to the coffee and sugar content in the dessert!    Tiramisu,  with it's coffee-soaked ladyfingers providing a slight crunch and a coffee flavor that contrasts with the creamy, sweet mascarpone mixture. It's a beloved classic, and perfect for any occasion!   

Our version of Tiramisu uses 'Coffee & Baileys' to give a wonderful and familiar flavour! 

This class will go through each dessert, step-by-step, with make-ahead tips & tricks along the way.  Serving sizes are approximate, and no special equipment is needed. 

RECIPES (serves 6, approx.): 

'Coffee & Baileys' Tiramisu 

COST: $20

CLASS LENGTH: 30 Min (approx.) plus 6 Hours Resting Time 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Lady Finger Biscuits, Eggs, Mascarpone Cheese, Sugar, Coffee, Liquer (optional) 


Qty available:17