Make dinner in under an hour, and all from scratch!  This method for slow-cooking chicken thighs to crispy perfection is revolutionary.   The Kung Pao sauce is quick & easy, super flavourful and glossy! to bring together.    Play, pause, chop & make dinner with us!    

Recipes Include (Serves 4): 

Kung Pao Chicken Thighs and Sauce
Jasmine Rice
Green onions & fresh greens

Class length: 1 hour

Cost: $30

Key Ingredients: Chicken Thighs, Soy Sauce (Chinese Light & Dark), Shaoxing Cooking Wine, Honey, Vinegar, Green Onion, Jasmine Rice

What You'll Get:  Full Ingredient & Equipment list, step-by-step cooking guide, recipe package & class video download automatically sent to your inbox.  

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Kung Pao Chicken At Home! (R)