Experience faster than take-out with Chicken Teriyaki! Enjoy a family meal that cooks up in minutes, featuring delicious marinated chicken teriyaki combined with perfectly cooked rice and an excellent teriyaki sauce. Quick and easy, it's a cooking class in a bowl! 

RECIPES (serves 4:
Chicken Teriyaki (can sub Tofu or Salmon!). 
Steamed Japanese Short Grain Rice 
Sesame Broccoli or Bok Choy

Class Length: 35 minutes (approx.) 

Key Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Short Grain Rice, Sugar 

Cost: $25

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"My family loves this recipe.  And I do too! It's super easy to make and the sauce keeps well for future meals.  We have it often and it never disappoints! I HIGHLY recommend trying it!" --Tracy M, Client.  

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Chicken Teriyaki! (R)