A How-To Guide on our Online Cooking Classes!

A How-To Guide on our Online Cooking Classes!

 Ready to cook?  Here's How!  

How to Participate:  

  • Choose a class!  We offer both "Live Online" or Recorded Sessions.  What's the difference?  Read on!
  • "Live Online Classes" are our latest class offerings, taught in real time on a specific date.   Join in, ask questions, cook right along with us.   The Good News: all of our "Live Online Classes" are recorded (just us, no one else), so if you can't make the exact date and time you can cook at your own pace when it suits you.  
  • Our "Live Online Classes" become part of our "Recorded Classes" offerings, usually 2-4 weeks after the live date.    
  • "Recorded Classes" are created from either previously live classes, or simply classes that work best to pause in between (like making Puff Pastry for instance!).  
  • To shop or not to shop!   We offer ingredient packs for all of our "Live Online Classes" with either free pick-up in Waterloo, or Ontario-Wide Delivery.  Contact Us for Ingredient packs for "Recorded classes", specialty spice & pantry packs and out-of-province. We've got options! 
  • What's the difference between "Class Only" or "Class + Ingredients" or "Class+Ingredients+Wine"? With a "Class Only" you're shopping yourself.   A "Class Only" purchase is PER HOUSEHOLD (i.e as many people as you can fit in your kitchen!). "Class+Ingredients" includes the class & ingredient pack from us.   We don't ship eggs :).  "Class+Ingredients+Wine" includes the class, ingredients AND our unique wine pairing.   

  • Ingredient packs & recipes serve either 2 or 4 people, or as marked in the class description.   Our ingredients are top notch and support local farmers, suppliers &  small independent shops whenever we can!

  • Once registered, you'll receive everything you need for a successful class via email.  Ingredient lists 2 weeks prior to the class, our handy cooking guide and zoom code 3 days prior, plus reminders as the class date nears.  Post class you'll receive the recipes & the link to the recording! 
  • It's time to cook!  Have all of your ingredients measured out and ready to go.  No need to chop or do anything ahead of time: we go through the recipes every step of the way, with multiple check-ins, pauses & re-caps using optimal camera shots so you can see up close all of the action.  
  • After class: we are now your Chef Friends for Life!  Share your results on social, email us a happy picture of kids eating your amazing dinner and reach out if you have ANY cooking questions, even if it has nothing to do with the class you just took.  We love to talk, teach & learn everything we can about food and it shows!

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