Tuscan Grill with Hand-rolled Fresh Pasta

Thursday, June 20th | 5:00pm-6:30 pm***

Pici noodles are a type of hand-rolled pasta originating from Tuscany, Italy. They are  rolled by hand into thick, long strands.  The texture of pici noodles is slightly chewy and dense, making them a hearty option for pasta dishes. They are often enjoyed as a rustic and comforting meal in Italian cuisine.

Reverse marinated Chicken with Grilled Lemon, sun-dried tomato, artichoke, black olives, roasted garlic and arugula
Hand-rolled Fresh Pici Noodles

Just the class: (you buy the ingredients): $35
Class & Ingredients:(serves 4): $135
Wine Pairing: $29.95*

Wine Pairing:  COMING SOON!

 ***The class recording will be available 24 hours after class for you to do this class on your own schedule.

Qty available:29
Tuscan Grill with Hand-rolled Fresh Pasta