Have fun in the kitchen with us!   Greek cuisine is known for its delicious and diverse range of appetizers, which are often referred to as "mezedes." These appetizers are meant to be shared among friends and family, creating a communal dining experience!  In this class you'll create the top three most popular Greek appetizers. 

First, Spanakopita: a popular Greek snack made with layers of buttery phyllo dough & spinach,  our version has loads of dill and creamy leeks too!   Next, Saganaki!  Well known as the 'flaming cheese', Saganaki is a beloved Greek cheese appetizer, golden and crispy, flambéed with a splash of brandy or ouzo.   Last, the ultimate garlic dip, Skordalia: Skordalia is a traditional Greek dip made primarily from crushed or pureed garlic cloves, mashed potatoes,  olive oil & lemon juice, served with warm, buttery Greek pita breads.  This class is suitable for vegetarians. 

RECIPES (serves a crowd):
Warm Greek Pita Breads
Warm Greek Olives 

Cost:  $30

Class Length: 90 minutes (approx) 

Key Ingredients: Feta cheese, Phyllo dough, butter, garlic, lemon, spinach, kefalotiri cheese, olive oil.  

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