Latin American Snacks

Join us as we create two of our favourite Latin American-Inspired 'snacks'!  First, pupusas: learn how to work with Masa flour to create and easy dough, stuffed with beans & cheese and pan-fried to perfection.   Next: get ready to roll as we make as many Chicken & Cheese Taquitos as we can!   Topped with fresh lettuce, tomato & sour cream, we can't get enough of these crunchy filled tortillas!  

RECIPES (serves 4): 
Bean & Cheese Pupusas with Curdito & Tomato 'salsa' 
Chicken & Cheese Taquitos with Fresh Lettuce, Sour Cream & Tomato 

Key Ingredients: Masa Harina (cornmeal flour), Corn Tortillas, Mozzarella or Oaxaca Cheese, Pinto beans, Cabbage, Vinegar, Tomato 

Class Length: 120 Minutes (approx.) 

Cost: $30 

What You'll Get:  Full Ingredient & Equipment list, step-by-step cooking guide, recipe package & class video download automatically sent to your inbox.  

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Latin American Snacks!!