Island-Style Fish & Seafood

Experience the vibrant flavors of tropical regions around the world with this island-style fish & seafood cooking class! From Jamaican-influence on our creamy spiced chickpeas & spice-roasted fish combined with our take on a fresh pico de gallo, you will be amazed how these flavours come together with dishes you'll never forget. 

Learn the best way to cook with spices, how to perfectly roast fish & your key to delicious coconut rice.   

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun and delve into this exciting culinary experience today, and let the food whisk you away!  

RECIPES (Serves 4):

Shrimp Fritters with Tamarind Glaze 
Jerk Spice-Roasted Fish with Mango Salsa 
Creamy Coconut-Chickpea Rice 

COST: $30

Key Ingredients: Tamarind, Basmati Rice, Coconut Milk, Spices, Chickpeas, Shrimp, Cod or other white fish, Mango, Cilantro

Class Length: 90 Minutes (approx.) 

Qty available:20
Island Style Fish & Seafood (R)