Bao Sandwich Online Cooking Class!  

Learn how to make Bao Buns at home in this online cooking class!

A bao sandwich, also known as a "bao bun" or simply "bao," is a popular Asian street food that consists of a fluffy, soft, and slightly sweet steamed bun filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. These buns can be found in various East and Southeast Asian cuisines, with slight regional variations in preparation and fillings. The term "bao" refers to the bun itself, which is typically made from a yeast-leavened dough.

Join this online cooking class and learn how to make these little sandwiches from scratch!  Succulent pork belly marries with a soft bun and a variety of fresh and zesty garnishes.  Bao sandwiches are the perfect party food or light supper!   

Recipes Include:
Steam Buns
Pan-Roasted Glazed Pork belly
Pickled vegetables 
Julienne Carrot
Fresh Cilantro
Crushed Toasted Peanuts
Sesame Mayonnaise

Key Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Rice Wine Vinegar, Fresh Pork Belly, Yeast, Peanuts, Sesame Oil

Equipment:10" Bamboo Steamer , parchment paper

Price: $30

Class Length: 120 minutes (approx). 

What You'll Get:  Full Ingredient & Equipment list, step-by-step cooking guide, recipe package & class video download automatically sent to your inbox.  

  "Thanks for always making your classes so accessible! I was super intimidated at the start but these were awesome to make I will definitely make them again!"—Camille, Bao Sandwich Class Jan 2024

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