The Culcherd Vegan

Friday February 11 |  6-8 pm

Cook with Us!

Just the class (you buy the ingredients): $35
Class & Ingredients (pre-measured): $95

We are teaming up with Founder Liz from Culcherd to cook a delicious Vegan feast using the amazing products from Culcherd. 

Back in 2015, The Founders of Culcherd, Tim and Liz, scoured markets and grocery stores for tasty plant-based dairy alternatives. In their search they found that the existing options were flavourless, filled with artificial ingredients, and/or made using animal products. This led them to the realization that health-conscious, environmentally-aware consumers had nowhere to go for ethical, flavourful substitutes.

Culcherd is  a plant-based dairy company, dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious food for all.


Pepita + Guajillo Salsa | Crispy Tostados | Cultured Cheese
Freshly Baked Biscuit "Pops" | Culcherd Butter
Cashew Lentil Dip | Pan Roasted Carrots
Original Culcherd Cheese | Olive Oil Crustini

Qty available:74
The Culcherd Vegan