Saturday October 1  | 2-4pm
Dinner ready at 6 pm

Just the class (you buy the ingredients): $35
* no ingredient packages available for this class

On the menu today: Cabbage Rolls! 

INGREDIENT LIST (makes 2 big pans of cabbage rolls, can make a half recipe if you like!) 

2 large heads of green cabbage, ideally ‘flat’ heads of cabbage 
1-2 cooking onions 
2-3 cloves of garlic 
½ bunch flat leaf parsley

4 lbs. ground beef or a mix of ground beef & ground pork 
Sour cream, for serving

2 large cans of tomato juice (not tomato sauce)
2 cups converted rice 
Salt, as needed 
Pepper, as needed

Qty available:46
The Cabbage Roll Class