Everything you need to make ramen noodles, dashi broth, soy-marinated eggs and deliciously sweet pork belly for 4 bowls of ramen.  Just add broth, pork belly, green onions & eggs! Save the shopping, everything is measured out and ready to go.  Full recipe package included!  

Kit Includes (makes 2 giant bowls or 4 reasonable bowls:)

500g. Flour, 50g. Rye Flour & Kansui Powder for Noodles
Japanese Sea Salt for Stock & Noodles
Kelp & Bonito Flakes for Dashi Broth 
Mirin, Sugar & Dark Soy Sauce for Pork Belly (or Mushrooms for veggie version!) 
Rice Vinegar, Sugar & Dark Soy Sauce for Soy Marinated Eggs 
Togarashi Spice & Sesame Seeds for garnish 


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Ramen DRY PACK Ingredient Kit