Mosole Rose Prosecco 

Price: $40

Country: Italy 
Region: Treviso
Type: Sparkling
Alcohol: 11.5

Tasting Notes:

This wine tastes delicious with:
EVERYTHING!  When in doubt of what to pair with what, choose a sparkling!  But especially good with appetizers, seafood & cheeses. 

Wine review:

Sparkling pink color reminiscent of almond blossom. Dense foam, fine and persistent fizziness. On the nose its fruits such as strawberry and raspberry.  A very pleasant freshness emerges on the palate with good fullness and length, a complete correspondence with the bouquet.

Jody's 2 cents:
“ If you're feeling fancy on a Thursday, crack this open!  We can't get enough of this wine. Hot tip: store any leftover in the fridge with teaspoon in the top. You'll retain the bubbles for an extra day or so!" 

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Prosecco Rose Spumante Brut