Loveblock makes wine truly, with love. The winemaker is Kim (of Kim Crawford), who took on the challenge of Loveblock which was to tame a wild piece of land up on top of a hill in New Zealand. Vegan, organic wines that are a true expression of terroir of the unique piece of land they are grown on.

If you love crisp white wines that can be sipped on their own, or easily paired, this duo is for you!  

Included in the duo: 

Pinot Gris Organic 2020
Sauvignon Blanc Organic 2020 

Wine review:
Distinctive, almost exotic, pure, ripe and varietal with aromas of lemons and grapefruit, white spice and wild flowers, apple and sweet herbs, Silky texture and a core of fruit gave way to the youthful refreshing line of acidity, soft herb and flavours of forest flowers, mineral and spices. 
- Cameron Douglas, MS, Decanter, March 2021

Jody's 2 cents:
“ If you are sappy for love stories on hill tops, tropical fruit and running barefoot through grassy meadows….these wines are for you!

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Loveblock Wine Duo!