Chicken Tikka, Chutney & More 

Wednesday September 22 | 5pm

Timely and delicious, the focus today is on homemade Indian chutneys paired with addictively spiced crispy potatoes and quick chicken tikka masala!  

Chef Instructor Sai Chelliah has a 15+ year teaching resume with a focus on her traditional Indian cuisine.  She strongly believes in the fact that any food cooked with passion and love is the best and everyone is a chef in their own kitchen! 

Start with the chutneys, and stay for the stories that travel in the cuisine.  

Just the class (you buy the ingredients): $35
Class with Ingredients (pre-measured): $90

 On the Menu (serves 4): 
Peach Chutney 
Cilantro Almond Yogurt Chutney (delicious with everything!) 
Crispy Spiced Potatoes | Quick Chicken Tikka Masala 

Qty available:50