Make the most of seasonal vegetables with this delicious Cheesy Vegetable Gratin! Enjoy an indulgent and flavorful side dish with minimal effort. Learn how to properly make a bechamel sauce, the backbone for so many other dishes.   Perfect for make ahead meal planning, this gratin is sure to impress family and friends alike on any occasion.  

RECIPE: (serves 4-6): 

Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Gratin (can sub. other, seasonal vegetables!) 

Key Ingredients: Seasonal Vegetables (cauliflower, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts), Milk, Cheese, Breadcrumbs, Butter, Herbs

Class Length (approx.): 35 minutes

Just the class: (you buy the ingredients): $20

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Cheesy Vegetable Gratin