Dinner & BBQ Party Pickup

Looking to impress your guests but don’t want to spend hours ahead of time planning and prepping?  No problem! We’ve got you covered. Order one of our Pick-Up Packages and everything is done for you, whether it is a sit-down meal, all-night appetizers or just a couple of items to round out your buffet table. Our impressive Fall and Holiday Pick-Up Menus feature the best of our local markets and farms.  All food is prepared in house, from scratch.  Food is picked up cold, with instructions to re-heat.  
Orders are available for delivery or pick-up.  

Order in person, via email at catering@theculinarystudio.ca or call 519.496.5595. 72 Hours Notice Appreciated.  NO Substitutions please, however, allergies are always accommodated. Payment in full required at time of booking. 

Summer BBQ Pick-Up!  
Like your backyard and love to entertain but want to relax and enjoy the party? We've got you covered!  Our BBQ Pick-Up Menu does all of the work for you, except the grilling (the fun part!).  Meat's are marinated and raw, ready for your to BBQ, unless you tell us otherwise.  Pulled pork is fully cooked and ready to go!  

BBQ Pick-Up Menu #1 $22/ per person + HST

1.  Summer Potato Salad
2.  Marinated Market Vegetable Salad (For instance Tomato-Cucumber)
3.  Lemon-Herb Marinated Chicken Breast with our Feta-Dill Yogurt Sauce 
4.  House-Baked Bread & Butter 

BBQ Pick-Up Menu #2 $40/per person +HST

1.  Charcuterie Board (Local Cheeses, Meats & House-Made Pickles) 
2.  Summer Potato Salad
3.  Marinated Market Vegetable Salad 
4.  Classic Caesar Salad OR Studio Mixed Green's Salad (with Candied Nuts, Goat's Cheese & Dried Fruit) 
5.  Lemon-Herb Marinated Chicken Breast with our Feta-Dill Yogurt Sauce
6.  Garlic-Marinated Top Sirloin Steak with Fresh Chimichurri Sauce 
7.  House-Made Bread & Butter 

BBQ Pick-Up Menu #3 $12/ per person 

1.  Our 'Traeger-Smoked' Pulled Pork with House-Made BBQ Sauce
2.  House-Made Buns
3.  Condiment & Sauce Tray including pickles, cheese, sauces and sliced tomato & Lettuce 

*Add Our Homemade Butter Tart Squares to any of the above orders, $3/ per person*

Pick-Up Menu #1 (THE Dinner Party)
Minimum 8 person order

1. Feature Market Vegetable Soup, made with Homemade Chicken Stock and finished with Cream
2. Our 'Studio Salad': Mixed Lettuces, Candied Pecans, Goat's Cheese, Dried Fruit and White Wine-Honey Vinaigrette
3. Choose from Pan-seared Salmon, Roasted Chicken or Red Wine Braised Beef, complete with Seasonal Starch, Vegetables & Sauces.  Choose 2 proteins: add $8 per person.  
4. Local Apple and Warm Carmel Sauce Cake  

Pick-Up Menu #2 (Perfect Cocktail Party)
Minimum 8 person order 

1. Sautéed Seafood with Fresh Chimichurri Sauce + Fresh Bread for Dipping 
2. Mini Beef & Homemade Ciabatta Bread Sandwiches
3. 2 of our best Local Cheeses with House-Made Pickles, Preserves & Crackers 
4. Our Chef's Choice (vegetarian) Hors D'oeuvres of the moment 

Pick-Up Menu #3 (Perfect Cocktail Party PLUS!)
Minimum 8 person order 

Includes everything from the above 'Perfect Cocktail Party' plus the following: 

5. Crisp Potato Rosti with 2 toppings: House-Smoked Trout & Creme Fraiche AND Bacon, Sauerkraut & Sour Cream 
6. Middle Eastern Bite: Za'atar Crostini with Tabouli & Tahini-Yogurt 
7. Chicken Crack Dip with Freshly Fried Tortilla Chips 

Pick-Up Buffet Items
The following items can be ordered individually.  All serve between 8-12 people, dependent on what else you are serving.  

1. Eggless Caesar Salad with bacon & parmesan crumble. Large Bowl $30
2. Studio Salad. Mixed lettuces, candied pecans, goat's cheese, dried fruit and white wine-honey vinaigrette. Gluten-free, Vegetarian. Large Bowl $30
3. Meat & Cheese Lasagna. Deep dish with layers of beef ragu and two types of cheese. 9x13 pan $95
4. Red Wine Braised Beef. Local beef browned & braised until meltingly tender with plenty of sauce. 9x13 pan $95
5. Butter Chicken. Slowly simmered chicken thighs in a mildly Indian spiced tomato & cream sauce. Gluten-free, Halal. 9x13 pan $80
6. Coconut Cashew Vegetable Curry. Market vegetables simmered in our coconut cashew sauce with addictive spices. Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan. 9x13 pan $60
7. Creamy Mushroom, Leek & Herb Pasta. Vegetarian. 9x13 pan $50
8. Smoked Sauced Chicken Thighs featuring Phlippens Smoked Sauce. Gluten-free. 9x13 pan $80
9. Roasted Vegetables Fresh from the market. Crisp-roasted with fresh herbs. Gluten-free, Vegetarian. 9x13 pan $25
10. Jeweled Basmati Rice garnished with caramelized onions, toasted almonds, golden raisins & finished with saffron. Gluten-free, Vegetarian. 9x13 pan $25
11. Mashed Potatoes. Jody's 'Oh-Man-Those-Are-Amazing' mashed potatoes. Gluten-free, Vegetarian. 9x13 pan $25
12. Bacon, Cheese & Pepper Breakfast Strata. Re-heat, slice & enjoy! 9x13 pan $70
13. Caramel Cream Bread Pudding. Made with our house made honey white bread and finished with a sweet caramel sauce. Vegetarian. 9x13 pan $40


Order in person, via email at catering@theculinarystudio.ca or call 519.496.5595. 72 Hours Notice Appreciated.  NO Substitutions please, however, allergies are always accommodated. Payment in full required at time of booking.