About Booking Classes

To redeem a gift certificate, do not sign up online - instead choose your class and contact us by phone or email.

To pay for a class using VISA or MasterCard you can pay through the PayPal gateway even if you do not have an account. Payment must be received and will be confirmed through email to verify you have secured the class or dinner space. Please carefully read and understand our cancellation policy before booking.

MARCH 2018
APRIL 2018
MAY 2018
March 2018
24 Sat
06:00 PM
Saturday Night Farmer's Dinner: First Taste of Spring!
Chef's Choice Hors D'ouevrs + 4 Courses
April 2018
14 Sat
06:00 PM
Spanish Winemakers Dinner!
Martin Berdugo Winery is here from Spain!
21 Sat
06:00 PM
Saturday Night Dinner 7th Anniversary Celebration!
Join us for a Dinner Celebration Feast!
May 2018
4 Fri
06:00 PM
Beer & Food Pairing Night with Block Three Brewery!
Great Food + Craft Beer = a Great Night!