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Why you should take a Live Online Cooking Class!

We need to eat to survive, and have been cooking food for ourselves,  for our families and for our communities for millennia.    Convenience foods were introduced post war,  there was a societal shift in how and when we would eat our meals (think: The TV dinner!)  and cooking  from scratch became a little bit of a lost art form.   Fast forward to 1993 with the dawn of the Food Network and now chefs were celebrities,  everyone wanted to cook amazing food and but did not really know how.   We all wanted to unlock the mystery of how to make homemade pasta,  Beef Wellington, or Butter Chicken.  But unless we went to Chef School for several years and took on a grueling apprenticeship,  this just wasn't possible.    Until now.   Cooking schools are everywhere all over the world to feed our need to eat better food.    

Both online and in-person cooking classes have their own sets of advantages. We started as an in-person cooking class business, and have evolved to the global online business we have today.   Do we miss the former?   Do we think one style of learning is better than the other?   The choice between them depends on personal preferences, learning style, and practical considerations like schedule, location, and budget. Online classes offer flexibility and convenience, while in-person classes provide more of an interactive, and social learning experience.  Because we have experience with both, having taught thousands of ‘student’s’, the feedback we have acquired is that when it comes down to becoming a better home cook, learning in your own home kitchen is key.  We often talk about the dance moves in a kitchen: only you know the dance moves in your home kitchen and it is important to learn them and practise them!  

In this article we're going to give an overview of  what our Live Online Cooking Classes look like when you join,  why you should take one to improve your own home cooking and how you will feel after just one class!    

When you join one of our Live Online Cooking Classes, it means that we are teaching you in real time how to cook, via zoom, in your own home kitchen.  You choose a class from one of our Upcoming Live Online Cooking Classes, which is 8-12 weeks of upcoming classes.   We teach at 12pmEST & 5pmEST, about twice a week.  (Click to find out more about our Upcoming Schedule,  Adding Ingredients and Watching the Recording).    And by ‘we’, it’s Chefs Jody & Kirstie teaching you together.  No dead air, fun facts and banter decorates the class, and multiple camera views with recaps and repeats ensure no cook is left behind.  

There may be anywhere from 10-100 other people online, but that does not affect the experience.   We begin every class with a welcome and overview of the upcoming dishes we will prepare, we go over all of our equipment and ingredients, and any other housekeeping or class set-up necessary for a successful class.   

With all of our classes you are armed with our handy ‘cooking guide’.   This is a step-by-step companion while you cook, with all of the ingredient amounts listed on the right, and the steps on the left.  Not exactly a recipe, it's basically a ‘how-to’ of getting dinner on the table in the most efficient and timely way possible.  

Going through the steps of the recipes is well-paced and thoroughly explained.   Feel free to ask questions in the chat, or unmute yourself to ask a quick question.  ‘Cameras on’ is more fun (we really can see your shoulders crunch up when you are whisking and can remind you to relax!) but it is totally optional.   Again, with two chefs and multiple cameras, if you missed a step the first time, we always recap the key elements of any dish.   

As class wraps up, we always show you our ideal plate presentation or as we lovingly refer to it, ‘the model citizen’ and encourage you to share yours as well!  

At the end of every class you will feel accomplished, confident and super excited to share your meal with family and friends.   You will gain new dance moves in your home kitchen you never thought possible.    The quality of a simple weekday meal will be improved tenfold, with tips and tricks from Chefs Jody & Kirstie– things you don’t necessarily always get while reading a recipe.  We reinforce time-honoured cooking techniques, the ‘lost art’ that we so desperately need to come back into our lives.   

After class you will automatically receive a fully downloadable set of recipes, as well as the class recording to make re-creating the recipes a breeze!  

In summary, choosing to take one our our Live Online Cooking Classes provides you with the following: 

  • Improved cooking skills in your own home kitchen, using your own equipment.  
  • Confidence when approaching many recipes by breaking down recipes in an organized and efficient manner.  
  • Answers to questions and tips on techniques you may not always find in a written recipe.   
  • Real-time access to two highly qualified chefs during the class AND after!  We are now your Chef Friends for Life and welcome any correspondence on your cooking questions, anytime.    
  • Great value:  For the fraction of the cost of going out to eat or attending an in-person class on your own, our Live Online Cooking Classes will benefit you and your family for years to come.  
  • A feeling of accomplishment after you have cooked a meal entirely from scratch, possibly with new and exciting ingredients.   

Join us today to start your
at-home cooking journey!