How our On-Demand Cooking Classes Work

How our On-Demand Cooking Classes Work

Our on demand cooking classes are a unique way to master any recipe at home.  More than just reading a recipe from a book, when you have two chefs guiding you step by step it's almost as if they are in your own home kitchen!  Our On-Demand Cooking classes give you solid dinner and recipe ideas, allow you to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time, with results you never thought possible.  Save money and make better food at home with the guidance of an On-Demand Cooking Class! 

With over 100 classes to choose from, start with the category of recipes you are looking to make.  We've got meals ready in under an hour, dinner party Ideas, accessible classes for the junior chef in your life, weekend projects, our favourite desserts and more.  All recipes are tried, tested and true–not only by us, two chefs AND moms, but by our global community of home cooks who have been taking our classes for almost 15 years!  

Once you’ve chosen a class you are automatically sent everything you need to know for a recipe for success:  

  1. A detailed Ingredient List including handy links to ingredients.  Our shopping list is broken down into three categories: Produce, Protein/Dairy, and Pantry.  This allows you to easily glance at it, see what you might already have, and what you need to shop for.   You’ll find links to some of our favourite spices, dry goods and equipment on this list.  
  2. Our handy Cooking Guide: this is your side-by-side companion while you cook and your key to accomplishing the recipe(s) in an organized and efficient manner.  The Cooking Guide is how chefs think about how they are going to bring together a meal.  It contains step-by-step instruction on what to start when, how to chop everything, what do while something else is cooking, when to check on something in the oven… all with the ingredient amounts clearly listed on the right hand side of the page.  It’s easier to view than always referencing a recipe and is there to help you bring together the dish with success.  
  3. The Downloadable On-Demand Video!  Our On-Demand Cooking Classes bring two chefs into your home kitchen with education, entertainment and encouragement along the way.   Chefs Jody & Kirstie teach from their set-up kitchen complete with multiple cameras and professional lighting for ideal viewing.  In any given class you’ll see more than once what is happening with constant recapping, check-ins and purposeful pauses.  Better still, if you need to pause the video to catch up on chopping or answer the door, you’ve got that power!  You will feel like you’ve got two chef friends helping you get dinner on the table!  
  4. The Recipes: with a picture for every recipe, serving sizes, prep time and cook time, you’ll have the recipes now for life for your future reference.   Again, these recipes are MORE than tried and tested by us, they are loved by many across the globe!  

So by now you’ve chosen your class, purchased the necessary ingredients and you are ready to cook!  Press play on the video and gather your equipment along with Chef Jody’s guidance.  We get you started on everything: if you need to preheat your oven or BBQ, any alternatives or substitutions and any ingredient divisions necessary before starting the class.  Now it's simply time to cook along, pause if needed and enjoy the results!   

There are so many advantages to our On-Demand Cooking Classes including:  

Convenience and Flexibility:

  • Flexible Scheduling: You can take the class at any time that fits your schedule. 
  • Pace: Learn at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, and rewatch lessons as needed.


  • Location Independence: Participate from anywhere in the world, eliminating geographic constraints.
  • Wide Range of Options: Access to a vast variety of cuisines and techniques that might not be available locally.


  • Lower Costs: Often less expensive than in-person classes due to no overhead for the venue.  Moreover, you can get the whole family involved in the process!   Click HERE for more on why you should cook (and eat!) together as a family.  
  • Cooking at Restaurant Quality At home: You will spend less money on going out to eat as you’ve now mastered how to make take-out worthy meals at home!   

Comfort of Home:

  • Familiar Environment: Cook in your own kitchen with your own tools and ingredients.  Learning your own ‘dance moves’ in your own home kitchen will make you a more efficient and confident cook.  
  • Less Intimidating: A more relaxed and private setting can be less intimidating for beginners.
  • Unwind and destress:  Cooking (or baking) can be an effective way to relieve stress. It’s an opportunity to be creative, stimulate the brain, and even connect to the people (or places) you aren’t able to visit. Click HERE for more on the connection between cooking and stress.   

Ongoing Support:  

  • Chef Friends for Life!  Chefs Jody & Kirstie are now your chef friends for life.  Share your results, ask questions (via email or ….) and tell us what you would like to learn!  
  • Digital Materials: Access to more downloadable recipes, video tutorials, and other learning resources.
  • Community of Cooks: You are now part of a larger online group of home cooks!  From our daily Instagram tips & tricks to our live forums to share experiences and tips, you will feel supported as you continue your journey as a competent home cook!  

Improve your cooking and make meals with your family today!  Click HERE for all of our On-Demand Cooking Classes!